New Classes and Schedule coming soon

I am currently working on new Fab Classes, Basic, Advanced, Suspension Design/Troubleshooting, Welding and Machining.

Also, the schedule is in the works. I will keep these to weekends. There will be single day and two day events.

Things for you to get before attending any of these classes (unless otherwise specified) will be for your safety.

  • Closed toe boots, flame resistant. No tennis shoes/sneakers or sandals
  • Long pants, preferably cotton or cotton blend, flame resistant
  • No loose fitting clothing.
  • No jewelry, chains or rings
  • Hearing protection, we use headphone style here
  • Eye protection, get yourself some safety glasses
  • Leather work gloves/Mechanics gloves okay

In the META block on the right, please sign up. I will be emailing when the classes go live, and will want to send reminders when the class you sign up for, is about to start.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment.

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