With the demise of shop classes in schools around the country, there is a deficit of hands on training and education about how the world is built. I want to take my 30+ years of experience in the hot rod/street rod field and teach the willing the ins and outs of the fabrication field.

Most of what I do is learned from experience. I have taken on jobs I was unfamiliar with, but confident in my skills to be able to finish the job.

From my blog in 2009:
Our new focus is centered around custom fabrication and suspension tuning. There are far too many hot rods and customs that have been on the road that do not perform as the owners prefer, and it is our goal to step in and resolve these issues. Drawing on my nearly 20 years of experience building, maintaining and repairing pre-1965 cars and trucks, I can pinpoint a solution and perform the necessary repair or re-engineering needed.


From the experiences gained over my career, there is still a great deficit in knowledge about fabrication and overall construction of vehicles. One trip to one of the “big car auctions” will show you there is little to no pride in workmanship in the industry with exceptions.

Even as I work with other companies, they still hold on to old wives tales about hardware, suspension loading and frame construction. We see the same mistakes pushed on the public as facts, or “you can get away with it” isms. My goal here is to not just show you the correct way, but rather to arm you with the information you need to spot deficiencies, whether you are building or repairing something yourself, or if you are just wanting to buy a finished car but have no idea if it’s built correctly or not.

There will be further classes, I would like to have at least two events per month, but not just the same topics. More advanced classes will be offered. And if you would like a personal training, or have specific questions to ask, those will be made available.